When you can align your soul with your authentic self, you will feel at peace. It's knowing and living with integrity of who you are, at your core ...

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4 weeks to rediscover your true essence, cultivate confidence, and acquire practical skills for personal growth.

Re-Ignite is a 4-week online group coaching experience to empower and uplift women. It’s a reflective practice dedicated to guiding women towards a deeper connection with their authentic self. Through a carefully curated blend of small group sessions, guided lessons, and individual coaching, participants embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery


I know that you want to be a successful and soul-aligned woman, who is accomplishing great things!

You are absolutely capable, but in order to do that, you need to be able to have the time and the space to rediscover who you are at your core and give her permission to come to the surface.

The problem is, you are not making choices that are right for you. You are too busy balancing the many priorities at work and at home and this usually means the wants and needs of others.

You continue to put yourself last and this makes you feel resentful.

You're running on auto-pilot, left feeling exhausted, emotional, and unfulfilled.

I don’t believe that It’s ok that you feel guilty for wanting to put a pause to the chaos so that you can figure out what it is that YOU WANT & NEED!

I understand what it is like, and you are not alone. Many of my clients (including myself) have experienced the exact same thing. A disconnect with who you are, where you are heading and knowing what matters most.

That is why I have packaged together everything that has helped them (and me) in our own personal development journey's, into my signature program, the Re:Claim Method Mastermind.

A safe space to gain clarity in the direction of your life by, reclaiming who you are whilst learning how to think and behave in ways that drive you forward rather than, being held back  by your personal limitations or blocks so that, you can confidently and authentically show up in your life and live it in a way that makes you happy, without the guilt.

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I also believe deep in my heart, that I was put on this earth to nurture and guide people.

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Just like these courageous women

you can step up to a new level

Holly - Canberra Australia
Holly’s intention for the program was Reflection and Perspective.
She wanted to better understand herself and her actions and, she wanted to grow as an individual to the benefit of herself and others around her. 

I definitely gained CLARITY whilst learning and understanding how I operate. I had some light bulb moments afterwards and feel like I have more clarity and direction now. I also have some great tools to help me reflect, collect and understand my thoughts moving forward. I know myself a lot better now and I know how I want to move forward in life. I also know what I don’t want which is a HUGE realisation for me”

I would highly recommend this program to others.

Jo - Central Coast Australia

Jo’s intention when joining the Reclaim Program, was to find the direction she wanted to head for the next part of her life and, to be able to continue to find the focus for that purpose.
From week 1, Jo was able to identify the person she wanted to be and the direction she wanted to focus on. Throughout the program, she noticed that she was peeling back the layers which were constraining her from being the person she deserved to be.
Jo was also able to clearly define her wants and needs, and by the end of the program had a plan for setting achievable boundaries whilst respecting herself.

The program was set out in a way which helped me to explain to myself what I wanted to be and how I wanted to behave. Since undertaking the program Htay has assisted me to be kinder and gentler with myself. I also understand where my energy is best directed which reduces my frustration and long-term exhaustion.

I recommend Htay as a personal coach or mentor for any persons who would like to gain experience and understanding of their current and future purpose. Through undertaking the Reclaim Kickstarter Program I have been given the tools to start leading the life I want and deserve. I have genuinely gained so much insight through the 4 week course and the flow on effect is an amazing feeling. I highly recommend investing in yourself through Htay at Future Pace Coaching, and look forward to continuing on this path with her  together.


Shell - Sawtell Australia
Shell’s Intention for the training was to have a starting point to figure out how she could get back on track and, make changes in her life so that she could feel more content. She said It has lit a spark and made her crave for more.
“Before working with Htay, I was feeling quite flat and unfulfilled. I don't balance the demands of my career or home life very well. I constantly feel burnt out and guilty for not being better as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and colleague. I want more from my life, and I want to understand why I wasn't happy. As each week passed, I started to notice that I was beginning to understand myself a little bit more and could see  the changes that I needed to make”

Lorraine - Coffs Harbour Australia

"I loved the content and got so much out of the training. Sometimes you think you know these things but being reminded is very helpful. The training being delivered by Zoom was intimate and safe. I think Htay is amazing and has a gift for this. She instils patience, forward thinking and give examples from her own life which is interesting. I learned a lot about myself and what makes me tick. I was able to realise that things that were once important to me are no longer important and I now know what is and where to focus"

Michelle - Durham England

When I first met Khinhtay-yee, I found her warm and friendly. I was looking
for a life coach for my son. My friend had recommended her.
Khinhtay-yee really listens and cares. She helped my son through a difficult time with friendships at school. She had great strategies and was very caring towards my son's needs. I can't thank her enough for the time she dedicated to helping my son. I could see the enjoyment and benefit he gained from having a neutral person in his life that truly cared and listened to him.
Life coaching is so beneficial for all stages of life and I would recommend Khinhtay-yee to anyone. Thank you Khinhtay-yee for your support and encouragement with parenting. Thank you for caring and helping us grow as a family. Forever grateful.


Brandi - USA

Have you ever felt stuck or like you’ve lost your way? I have!

This year had me in a downward spiral.

When I was offered coaching from Khinhtay-yee, I thought, “What could it hurt?”

Well, IT HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!! She asked all the right questions and helped me see new questions of my own. With her guidance, I began making small changes that led to bigger ones. It’s so awesome that the calm small voice I now hear in my own head has an Australian accent. 

I’m far from perfect BUT I’m sooo much better. I would recommend life coaching to anyone needing to change their destructive patterns. My heart is full of gratitude. The future is looking brighter for me.

Maryam - Sydney Australia

Khinhtay-yee is an amazing coach. I feel very comfortable in her energy. I did one coaching session every week with her and in a few sessions I experienced tremendous growth and breakthroughs. She helped me change my limiting beliefs into new empowering ones and made me realise my subconscious patterns which we worked on to create massive positive changes. I highly recommend her service to anyone who is looking forward to creating meaningful and profound changes in their lives.

Charmaine - NSW Australia

When Htay first put out an offer of pro bono coaching as part of her studies, I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back. I feel like I had lost track and didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I was also struggling with my self confidence, didn’t know what goals I had or to approach them. Having support to work through my values has really put things into perspective and the coaching has also helped me look at things differently, react to things differently and cope with things much better. Even those closest to me have noticed a big shift and I would be forever grateful. However I know that stuff comes up from time to time and this is why I choose to continue keeping Htay in my life for monthly  coaching.