I show vulnerability and take responsibility at the same time!


I show vulnerability and take responsibility at the same time.


Intense emotions can cloud our judgment and influence our decisions when we are triggered by the situation at hand.


When It’s hard to make sense of it all, the more emotional you become, the less logical your thoughts will be.


This was me!


* I thought I was to blame in a certain situation and so I told myself - You need to hide and can’t be seen anymore, deactivate your socials,  leave work, don’t go home!


* I thought I was alone and so I told myself - No-one is ever there for me like I am there for them.


* I was so hungry, but I told myself - You don’t deserve to eat right now.




It’s this inner voice that we argue and contemplate with, which causes us to feel stuck and in a state of panic OR worse, react to in a way we will regret.


I had to put my Coaches hat on, stand up and call bullshit on my ego!


Because I KNOW that my thoughts are NOT FACTS! ! !


“No matter how uncomfortable this feels right now Htay, you need to just sit with it”


So, I did.


I closed my eyes, put my hand on my heart, and I was instantly reminded of when this feeling had showed up once before, twice before, 3 times before.


I knew I couldn’t do this pain journey alone AGAIN.


However, I thought that my friends and family had their own shit going on right now and I shouldn’t be burdening them with mine.


But …. what IF …


* Instead of just assuming they don’t have the time or the energy, we simply just ask them if they do.

* Instead of just expecting people to notice we are off, we tell them we are off.

* Instead of just expecting people to ask if we need to talk, we tell them we need to talk.

* Instead of just expecting people to reach out to us, we reach out to them for a change.

If there was anyone I could talk to right now in this time of need:
Who would that be?
Who will show me the love and compassion I need right now?
Who would be able to provide feedback, give advice and be completely honest?
Who would be able to gently push me in the right direction?
Who would be able to provide a different perspective and not just give me what I think I want or need to hear?
I’m not available for just their opinion or advice. I want them to challenge me and my thinking.
I’m not available for advice if they are going to take sides.
I’m not available for feedback if they are going to judge me, or the other people involved.
I’m not available for blaming others or playing the victim
I knew exactly who I needed to talk to.
So – I sent them a message and simply asked …
"Do you have the time and mental energy to support me with something?”
The answer - was a F**K YES
(Aha moment. I wasn’t alone after all)
With their beautiful balance of love, compassion, reason, and perspective, they enabled me to fast track my progress and within a day, I felt lighter and knew exactly what I needed to do (and not do).
So grateful for my 2 best friends. We all live in different areas and I am in a complete different country, yet we pull together in times of need even if it's been weeks since we spoke.
Not all of us have that someone though. If you needs someone to walk this journey with you, let me help you peel back the layers and shake the foundations to your thinking so that you can better manage your emotions, making decisions that are right for you and, show up in your life and live it in a way that makes you happy.

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