You can work a 9-5 and be a mum without sacrificing your happiness!


You can work a 9-5 and be a mum without sacrificing your happiness.


But … society these days continually tells us that working for someone else’s deadline is a bad thing or the barrier to living a life that you enjoy.


However, you can work for someone else in a job that fulfils you and creates a lifestyle that you love.


This was me back in Aussie.


A job that I enjoyed, where I was continually challenged and given opportunities to level up and,

One that allowed me to financially live my ideal lifestyle.


It wasn’t always that way though. I struggled for the first few years of that job.


Blaming the job

Blaming the workload and

Blaming some of the people that I worked with


But … it was deeper than that and had nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.




  • I didn’t know what I was and was not willing to tolerate and so, I struggled to set boundaries and stick to them.
  • I kept giving more and saying yes even if I wanted to say no because I continually wanted to help and please others.
  • I was unable to manage my mood when I was triggered or challenged, because I took things personally.
  • I didn’t know what my values were or the standards I was living up to.


I wasn’t just doing this at work though.


It was in my personal life too.


Any wonder I felt like a victim of my circumstances because I was allowing myself to be pushed and pulled in every which way.


But once I learnt how to find my voice and take back some control, things became way better and way easier.


You see, the problem is never the problem. The problem is how you “think” about the problem




Unless you address this, these: thoughts, feelings and behaviours will carry out and continually meet you where you’re at even if you do move on.


So, if you feel as though you are suffering from your situation and are contemplating whether the answer is to change course, I want you to ask yourself these questions:


  • What do I value and enjoy and is this how I am currently experiencing it. If not, what’s missing?
  • What are the standards I have of myself?
  • What am I willing and not willing to tolerate, (in order to deal with people)?
  • What am I realistically capable and willing of giving in my work and personal life?
  • Why are my answers important to me and why does it matter?


If you find yourself unsure of how to answer, then I encourage you to start here otherwise, your current patterns will continue to repeat themselves until you are.


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