Sometimes we think we need to go the extra mile to accomplish great things!


Sometimes we think we need to go the extra mile to accomplish great things ]


But when the “extra mile” is crowded with the wrong people, it can feel off.


Especially when you know that you’re not honouring your needs for the sake of expansion.




You’re an introvert like me who needs to feel a certain level of peace to progress.


But deciding to retreat to where you feel comfortable makes you think that you’re not going to grow.


And ...


Because of that mindset, when you haven’t achieved some of what you had intended to, you’re likely to take is as failure.


Just as I did when I hadn’t vibed with those groups to make new friends, reach that business goal, or write that book!


However, … WHAT IF you could still flourish inside of comfort, just on a different level?


Because maybe, you’re not yet ready to reach certain milestones because you have others to reach first?


Here is what I mean:


When I stepped outside of my comfort zone into new spaces last year, no matter how hard I tried they weren’t quite aligned and so, I had to admit defeat and let go.


I stayed at home to re-evaluate and, whilst doing this, those intensions were put on hold.


This made me feel like nothing had been achieved and that I should just “write off” the year that was because I felt guilty for wasting it.


But when I look back, some other big shifts were at play, preparing me for what’s to come.


And, in all of it my husband was my:




Safe Space

Best Friend

Peace and Quiet

Comfort Zone


He now jokes about going to work so that I can’t follow him around all day.


But ...


We can’t deny that the back end of “the year that was” brought us even closer together.


Our relationship blossomed to a whole new level of love, connection, support, understanding, communication appreciation, trust, acceptance, and gratitude ALL INSIDE OF COMFORT.


Now that’s growth right there!


I no longer feel like the year was wasted because I now know that I needed to reach this new level first so that, I could be ready to receive what’s to come.



I am a woman who wears many hats and I live to talk about it.

I also believe deep in my heart, that I was put on this earth to nurture and guide people.

So, I became trained in Life Coaching, Meta-Dynamics, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology, and became a Personal Growth Coach.

I help women who have a hunger for improvement, find clarity in the direction of their lives so that they can confidently and authentically show up in their life and live it in a way that makes them happy.

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