That one conversation that changed everything!


What if that one conversation or a series of conversations were...


  • That life changing event
  • Permission to go ahead or,
  • A sign that determines it all for you


How would things be different for you?


This happened 2 months ago, after a two-year soul pursuit in search of my own people here in NZ.


I was feeling an awareness that something needed to change, and I know that the present is the only place where we get to choose how to go about things differently.
It will, however, take true courage on your part to start challenging yourself with the truths and desires you need to explore.
That is why Personal Development (the process of looking inward and focusing on ways to better yourself) exists.
It is to help us move things in a new direction, that otherwise probably isn’t going to happen if personal development wasn’t there.

Initially brought together by our daughters, we joined a whānau touch team. We met up once a week on game day and that was about it.


You could say we were just acquaintances.


After our final game for the season, they brought an esky of beers and of course that was a hell yes from me.


As we sat on the grass chatting, we naturally started opening-up about our challenges and our true desires. We realised we had a lot of similarities.


Not only were we busy women, mum’s and wives doing all of the things, we also had an underlying hunger and determination for more!


Yet ..... we agreed we often felt like we were working in isolation, with limited support, encouragement, or someone to champion us along the way.


This experience opened our eyes to the profound need for true connection and being exposed to opportunities to find them.


With this new found friendship, inspiration and drive to help other women access the same thing, a collaboration was born.


Watch this space #LegacyCollective.


I am a woman who wears many hats and I live to talk about it.

I also believe deep in my heart, that I was put on this earth to nurture and guide people.

So, I became trained in Life Coaching, Meta-Dynamics, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology, and became a Personal Growth Coach.

I help women who have a hunger for improvement, find clarity in the direction of their lives so that they can confidently and authentically show up in their life and live it in a way that makes them happy.

If you’re looking for someone who can hold space for your personal transformation as you make your way up to a new level, then get in touch by using the inquiry form or directly accessing your free 1:1 coaching session.


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