Hi, I'm Htay

Personal Growth Coach and Creator of the Re.Ignite and Re.Claim Method Series ...

I help women who have a hunger for improvement, find clarity in the direction of their lives by reclaiming who they are so that they can confidently and authentically show up in their life and live it in a way that makes them happy.

I’m also a Navigator | Mentor | Team Lead for I Have a Dream Charitable Trust, helping young people to transform their lives, futures, and communities through academic and life success.


Becoming a mother initially felt like an excuse that I could hind behind ...

For the uncertainty about my identity and direction in life!


Motherhood became my primary purpose, and although I loved being a new mum and raising my girls, gradually, the essence of who I truly am began to fade into the background.

Growing up as the "caretaker" for everyone around me, including my children, meant that I consistently put my own needs last.

This pattern of people-pleasing, saying yes when I wanted to say no, lacking boundaries, and having poor communication skills led to a profound disconnect with myself.

I felt unappreciated, unfulfilled, and stuck in a monotonous cycle where every day felt like a repeat of the last.

Interestingly, my husband was experiencing a similar restlessness. He was always motivated to explore more and was unwilling to settle for the status quo. His decision to become educated online was the catalyst for my self-discovery journey. Inspired by his initiative, I embarked on a path of personal growth that eventually led me to pursue a career in life coaching.


While studying part-time to become a life coach, I also worked full-time, driven by the vision of creating a business that I could eventually operate from anywhere in the world. I didn't want to be confined by the limitations of a brick-and-mortar business forever, working for someone else, or being reliant on a fixed amount of leave and income.

At the time, we were living in Australia, but we always had a desire to split our time between Australia and New Zealand, where my husband is from. This aspiration fuelled my determination to establish a flexible, fulfilling career that would allow us to live life on our terms.

Through this journey of self-discovery and professional growth, I reignited my passion for helping others.

Now empowered with a life coaching qualification, a wealth of knowledge, lived experience, and skills, my passion is dedicated to guiding other women towards a deeper connection with their authentic selves so that they can confidently embrace the future and thrive too.

Ways You Can Work With Me


Self-Discovery Journal Challenge

5- Days to discover valuable insights, organise your thoughts, and clear the mental clutter so that you can begin to feel more in control.



Re.Ignite Your True Essence

Kickstarter - 6-week online group coaching experience to empower and uplift women. It’s a reflective practice dedicated to guiding women towards a deeper connection with their authentic self. Through a carefully curated blend of small group sessions, guided lessons, and individual coaching, participants embark on a  journey of self-discovery.


Reclaim your authentic self and confidently lead a fulfilling life.

Re-Claim Mastermind is a 3-month online group coaching and mentoring container designed for women who are driven to dive deeper into personal transformation

Beyond our foundational 6-week course, this program offers a more profound exploration of identity with bi-weekly live coaching sessions that focus on evolving your mindset and behaviours, equipping you with advanced tools for lasting personal evolution.


As featured in the Natural Parent Magazine July Edition 2024

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