I have carefully packaged everything that I have learnt and personally implemented to help you embrace the future and thrive.

Hey there courageous woman.

I see you!

I know that you are really good at keeping busy and are, a multi-tasking queen. I also know that it secretly drives you but ... even that disguise is beginning to wear you down.

It's not easy trying to figure out what it is you want let alone how to pursue it.

Especially when you are busy juggling your family and tied up working in a job you probably no longer enjoy or that no longer inspires you.

And ... when you think of all the extra time you wish you had to do something for yourself instead of everyone else, it can feel overwhelming.

So, I want to take a minute to let you know that everything is going to be just fine.

How can I say this? Because I know how you feel.

I remember feeling unappreciated and alone, even though I was surrounded by loved ones.

I felt like I was constantly giving to everyone else, leaving no time or energy for myself.

I was getting to a point of almost accepting that this was all my life was going to be. Living out the same day a repeat of the last.

But ... that only leads to resentment and feeling unfulfilled.

Gaining clarity around who you really are and, understanding what's important, wasn't easy for me either.

I sure had challenges of my own, just like you now.

I was craving to feel excited about the future.

I wanted to make plans and achieve goals.

Most of all I wanted to stop saying yes to everyone else and to stop feeling guilty if I didn't.

Just like you, I tried to implement self-care routines, journalling, re arranging the furniture and lighting a candle, reading affirmations and self help books ... but nothing stuck because they were all just surface level, quick fix, bandaid solutions.

Little did I know that working on myself (internally), would create the shift I so desperately needed, to become “unstuck” in my life, my job and most importantly .. my head!

What I loved the most through the process of working on myself, was re learning and re claiming who I was at my core and finally giving the real me permission to come to the surface.

I finally understood who I was and why I think, feel, see and do things a certain way.

I also learnt how to think, feel, see and do things a  BETTER way.

From that moment, the way I viewed my life and the way I showed up in my life, changed.

And ... It's absolutely possible for you too, because:

  • You know there is more to explore and you are craving the confidence and the motivation to pursue it.
  • You want to become a better role model for your children/family and be someone they can look up to.
  • You want to be a better communicator so that your relationships can improve.
  • You want your love life to blossom so that you can become a desirable partner again.
  • You know you have so much to offer and know you have the potential to achieve great things.
  • You no longer want to be bothered by trivial things that shift your mood and cause an argument (like wet towels on the floor) because you crave be in control of your emotions.
  • You want to know why you are here to exist and have a deeper understanding of what really matters so that you can infuse more of it, into your daily life.
  • Most of all, you long to feel balanced and soul-aligned so that you can finally start showing up in your life and living it in a way that makes you happy, without the guilt.

You CAN do all of this by learning how to think and behave in ways that drive you forward, rather than being held back by your personal limitations and blocks so that, you can live with more purpose and attract even more possibilities.

That is why I now teach others using a holistic  blend of Personal experience and lessons learned, Positive Psychology, NLP and Meta Dynamics, which are world leading and proven research-based coaching methodologies where I work with you to:


* Acknowledge and Identify where you are currently at in your life ...


* Reclaim who you are at your core so that you can re-discover, re-clarify and re-align with where it is you really want to be ...


* Close the missing gap by learning how to balance the key areas of your wellbeing, learning how to think and behave in ways that drive you forward and having the confidence and mental strength to stand up for who you are and what you want so that you can reach the desires of your future.


Introducing my signature method and program

Re:Claim Method Mastermind

An intimate 3-month group coaching and mentoring experience for women to gain clarity in the direction of their lives by reclaiming who they are whilst learning how to think and behave in ways that drive them forward so that they can live with more purpose and, attract even more possibilities.

An Internal Guide


The re:CLAIM method is an internal journey and, as your guide, together we will shake the foundations and peel back the layers to your thinking and your behaviour.


Deeply know and understand the rules of your inner game, what's important and what matters most, so that you can prioritise and, infuse more of it into your every day life.


Learn what you need to believe is possible, so that you know where to focus and, have the confidence and motivation to make plans, take action and achieve your goals.


This is not your average self-help program!

You will learn how to self coach yourself with the tools and resources you may need to draw upon, if ever you get lost or face obstacles along the way (because let's face it, that's a given).

Inside this intimate

Group Coaching Experience


What you can expect

  • I provide high touch support whilst guiding you through this journey of self-discovery.


  • Ask questions as they arise during each class, accessing spotlight coaching (if you choose), supporting and enabling you all to keep moving forward.


  • Easy to follow, actionable steps that we do together as a group, in real time.


  • Containers are capped to ensure the classes are intimate so that everyone is taken care of. You won't get left behind or feel like you are just another number.


  • Belong to a group of other courageous women who are on a similar journey, and make new friendships and connections along the way.

What you get!

1x WEEKLY live masterclasses with coaching via zoom.

We do the modules together, in real time.

Experience being coached 1:1 or experience the value of seeing someone else being coached.

Access to the modules and recordings if you miss a class or need a refresher.

Access to a private facebook group.

Additional support and accountability from your fellow group members including myself and your bonus coaches.

All module worksheets are provided, are editable and no printing is required.

Members log in to your own dashboard.

+ 12 month ACCESS to module worksheets, recording of classes and coaching calls.

... Bonuses ...

Laser coaching support during the 3 month container (via text, DM, email or in the facebook group).

Live group tarot reading class by our Intuitive Guide.

VIP ONLY - 1x 1:1 Personal Intuitive Message Reading/Tarot

VIP ONLY - Training videos (breath work | yoga | energetics) to help you to create even more results, with more ease.

VIP ONLY - 3x 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Htay to fast track your transformation.

Investing in yourself takes bold action and that's our vibe here!

Note:  This is an application-only mastermind!

Why? Because I want to make sure that this program is the perfect fit for you.

  • 1x WEEKLY Live Masterclass with Coaching via Zoom
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Editable Worksheets Provided
  • Member Log in to your own Dashboard




  • Access to recordings of live classes/ coaching calls and worksheets
  • Laser Coaching and Support
  • Live group tarot reading.

(Payment Plan Available)

  • 1x WEEKLY Live Masterclass with Coaching via Zoom
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Editable Worksheets Provided
  • Member Log in to your own Dashboard




  • Access to recordings live classes/ coaching calls and worksheets
  • Laser Coaching and Support
  • Live group tarot reading
  • Breath Work/Energetics/Yoga training, resource videos
  • 1x individual 1:1 clarity session with our Intuitive Reader
  • 3x  1:1  Private Coaching Sessions with Htay to fast track your transformation

(Payment Plan Available)

This IS for you if:

◊  You are tired of living out the same day a repeat of the last and are ready for a program that gives you the results you need to make lasting change.

◊  You are ready for growth and expansion in all areas of your life.

◊  You take responsibility for your results and are prepared to do extra in order to create them.

◊  You want to be surrounded by like minded individuals and, be supported and championed as you move your way through this program.

◊  You are available for new ways of thinking and behaving at a new level.

◊ You are done with ordinary and are ready to pivot and shift towards what you want and  deserve.

This is NOT for you if:

×  You are looking for someone to do all of the work for you.

×  You are looking for another quick fix solution that only gives you short term results because you want to take the easy road.

×  Your not prepared to invest in yourself and still feel like you need to ask for permission rather than support.

×  You still want to blame others and play the victim.

×  You don't think your results are your responsibility.

×  You are not interested in doing extra to grow and expand.

×  You don't yet have the courage to put yourself first and step up to a new level.

Take yourself out into the future, to a time that hasn't happened yet and imagine...

  • Waking up excited to get out of bed in the morning because you are starting to feel so much more connected to the real you and it feels good to finally have the clarity about who you are and what you stand for. Not only that. You are so dam proud of yourself for stepping up to create the results you so desperately needed, even though it can push your comfort zone.
  • Having a deep understanding of what matters most and starting to infuse more of it into your every day life.
  • Being a better communicator and, being in control of your emotions so that you handle problems with maturity and grace.
  • Improving your relationships on all levels and being someone others come to because the way you show up inspires them.
  • Becoming a desirable partner and having your love life blossom to new heights.
  • Showing up with integrity and no longer questioning your every move.
  • Having the confidence, direction and motivation to pursue the things you want and, be achieving them.
  • Having the tools and resources to coach yourself through your life's journey with more ease and positive action, even when faced with obstacles along the way.
  • Feeling fulfilled and certain about the road ahead so that you are looking forward to the future and where your life is heading.

Your Complimentary Discovery Call

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I also believe deep in my heart, that I was put on this earth to nurture and guide people.

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